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This is the original and fundamental paver that forms the base for most projects and is excellent value for money. 

Rectangular creates the opportunity for diversity whether it’s herringbone, stretcher bond or basket weave, the effect once laid gives a charming appearance to any setting.

Perfect for

Domestic and commercial driveways.


Available in 50mm, 60mm and 80mm and in a wide range of vibrant colour options, you can be sure that the Rectangular will suit any design template requirements.


Our colours are vibrant and their definition enables you to establish more prominent patterns, borders and contrasts where required.

Available in: Bracken, brindle, burnt ochre, buff, charcoal, grey, red and Scottish heather (other colours made to order).


The closed texture of our paving provides a professional look and reduces the ability of freeze/thaw to undermine the product, unlike the open texture alternatives on the market.

Slip Resistance

Independent tests confirm slip resistance values vastly superior to the standard.


Curing of the concrete product in a climate controlled environment is vital to long term durability, reducing the occurrence of efflorescence and reducing breakages and waste, as the product is stored in its first days in the environment it requires for proper hydration. At time of writing, this is common in the world but makes us unrivalled in the UK.

Face Mix Technology

Face mix technology where the top layer of the product (the wearing and aesthetic surface) has enhanced characteristics. Modern plants in developed countries almost all apply this technology due to the wider industry accepted enhanced results it has on product durability and colour definition. We apply this to all paving products leading to many people asking if the product has been sealed where it had not. To put simply the wearing mix is mixed in an intensive mixer which utilises the higher dosages of pigment and cement far more efficiently than a standard concrete mixer used in through mix pavers, the latter of which is heading towards extinction on the continent and the USA.

Check out our matching kerbs to add a subtle flair to any outdoor design.

  • Charming appearance
  • Excellent value for money
  • Creates diversity
  • Vibrant colours

Case Studies

  • Martin Alan Tokheim Case Study