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Cobble Setts

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Each piece of Cobble Sett undergoes our aging process to create a soft distressed finish.

The rustic and worn edges create a quaint feel which makes a beautiful addition to any garden.

Cobble Setts beautifully enhance the classic charming olde worlde Cobble paving range.

However, combined with the elegant sophisticated Strathmore paving will produce a striking wow factor. Whether used as a decorative border around other pavers or on their own to create a bespoke feature our Cobble Setts will transform any driveway or outdoor entertaining area.

  • Produces striking wow factor when combined with Strathmore paving 
  • Creates a quaint feel
  • Weathering process
  • Compliments Cobble Paving
  • Perfect for borders


Charcoal, Grey, Red, Buff